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About me

On January 25th 1980 I was born in the lovely town of Sonneberg in the very south of Thuringia and was raised just 15 kilometers north in Steinach.

After secondary school I followed the wish of my father and started a vocational training as a mechanic.

As this wasn't what I had planned for my future, I took the chance and went to Design School in Erfurt.
I graduated with a GPA of 1.3, which gave me the necessary self confidence to go to college.

Shortly before moving to Ulm in September 2003, I married my beloved wive on June 28th.

Curriculum Vitae

Education |  Work Experience |  Skills |  Interests



since October 2003

student of Digital Media at the University of Applied Sciences
in Ulm, Germany

October 2000 — June 2002

Design School "Walter Gropius" in Erfurt, Germany
Degree: Vocational Baccalaureate Diploma "Fachabitur" — GPA 1.3

August 1996 — July 2000

Hesse GmbH Luft- und Klimatechnik (Air Condition Systems)
Vocational Training as Construction Mechanic



Work Experience

since September 2004

Mywatch AGCreative Director for Sales and Marketing

I am accountable for:

  • product photography
  • offline and online media design (does not include the website)

>>work samples

September 2002 — July 2004

Freelance Creative in close coorporation with ROOMER Media Design

Amongst others I worked for the following clients:

  • product design and visualization for Lostprotector, as seen on mdr.
  • corporate design for Moby Dick Diner
  • corporate design for Rosi's TV Repair

>>work samples

May 2001 — July 2001

3d Artwork Designer — Project Mothership

I was responsible for the spaceship and interior design.

>>work samples

May 2001

unpaid Internship at ROOMER GRAFIX in Neuhaus/Rwg., Germany
first professional experiences in the following fields:

  • web design
  • corporate design
  • desktop publishing

February 2000 — July 2000

Construction Mechanic at Hesse GmbH Air Condition Systems





  • English — very good knowlegde
  • German — native language



Software skills (rating)

For better determination of my skills I'm going to use a 3 point rating system:

  • 1… beginner
  • 2… user
  • 3… poweruser

Even if 3 is the top score here, I believe that constant improvement is essential.

Desktop Publishing

  • Adobe Photoshop CS …3
  • Adobe Illustrator CS …2
  • Adobe InDesign CS …2

Time based Media

  • Macromedia Flash MX …2
  • Adobe Premiere 6.5 …1
  • Adobe After Effects 6.5 …1
  • Apple Final Cut …n.a.
  • Apple Shake …n.a.

During 4th semester there are 3 video projects, so these values might change considerably.

3d content creation

  • Lightwave 7.5 …2
  • Modo …1
  • 3D Studio Max 6 …1

Office and Web-authoring

  • Adobe Go Live CS …2
  • Macromedia Dreamweaver MX …2
  • MS Office / Open Office …2

Operating Systems

  • Windows 2000 …3
  • Windows XP …2
  • Mac OS X …1
  • Linux (Fedora 3, Mandrake) …1




Animation movies, Drawing, Cooking (italian and chinese)